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Magehold: Dragon's Stones Chap One

dragons stones chapter one
I don't know if this is somebody famous but it's just a 'holder' image while I create one I know isn't...

In the heart of the city of London, where a dimension known as Magehold lies hidden within the same space as Big Ben, it seemed the best mages never got to sleep. At least, that was the opinion formed by Miss Felicity Lake on the afternoon of her return from her very first real adventure.

Seated beside Lancelot Jones, the wizard who was selected to teach her the ways of the Magi over the next six years, she was feeling decidedly tired, but also quite sated after the wonderful afternoon of lovemaking they had shared. She supposed becoming lovers with your mentor wasn’t exactly common practice, but after everything that had happened to them over the past few days, it was not surprising.

Director Dervish McTavert, the owner of the Magical Museum, had sent them after the Grimoire Draconis, but rather than just retrieving the book the pair had managed to retrieve the dragoness who guarded the thing, as well as about two hundred of her followers. And that mess was still waiting for them when they returned to Lancelot’s home.

However, just as she was dozing off at last, the worst thing in the world came about instead. Dervish came bursting into the break room along with Princess Amara, the dragon-mage who had so recently resided somewhere inside the mountains near France.

“Dervish, what is it?” asked Lance worriedly as he looked up at his friend and employer. “You look as though you’ve seen a ghost.”

“Nay, thas nothing special. I see ghosts all the time,” he said in his heavy brogue, brushing the thought away. “Nay, this is much more important than thot sort of thing, to be sure. While the two of ye were—um, occupied—in here for the past couple of hours, Princess Amara and I had time for a long and very interesting conversation. There are parts of it thot the two of ye will need to hear.”

“Can’t it wait, Dervish?” he complained. “Felicity and I have only just returned from France, and we wanted to go collect her belongings from her apartment and move them to my home. Did we not, my dear?”

“Yes, certainly,” Felicity agreed, though it was the first she’d heard of the news. Of course, since they’d just become lovers that very day, she wasn’t sure she should move in quite so suddenly, but she was sure she’d end up doing it sooner or later anyway. “No better time than the present, I always say.”

“There’s no time for such a delay,” Dervish insisted. “Not if Caracticus Snigget has the knowledge thot Amara has told me this day.”

“And what knowledge might that be?” asked Lance tiredly.

“It would seem thot the bulk of this quest has only just begun,” Dervish explained, glancing at Amara for confirmation. “The two of ye have got a lot more work to do, and ye’ll need to pack yer bags full for the next phase, too, since there are several more orbs for ye to find.”

“The devil you say,” Lance protested. “Can’t it wait for a few days?”

“Indeed not,” he insisted. “These stones must be gathered right away.”

“Pray, what do we need to find them for?”

“Princess Amara has informed me that since the Grimoire Draconis has returned into the light, this will open the way for these gems to be found as well,” he replied. “But with so much potential for the return of dragon magic into our world, she believes we ought to seek out the guidelines on its proper use. If we leave things unchecked as the Magi did the last time, it could well upset the proper balance and start another war.”

“And what does Princess Amara suggest that we do instead?” Felicity inquired.

“The Stones of Bagorus are artifacts of the ancient times,” said Amara. “They contain the souls of the Guardians of the Dragon’s Gate, and they were scattered all over the world to keep them separated. This orb which resides in my forehead can seek them out through the connection that they share. If we can find them all and bring them to the proper place, we can open a dimensional door and retrieve the Books of Lore within the Garden of Bagorus itself.”

“Books of Lore?”

“Yes, not unlike the one that you two used on your recent quest, and which now resides in the pocket of Felicity’s coat,” said Amara.

“My book?” Felicity gasped. “I knew that it had power, but I’d never have thought it was part of something quite so big.”

“Well, think again, my dear,” she said. “I’m not even sure how that book came to be here. It is my belief that it particularly sought you out. The only question is—why?”

“That sounds rather odd,” Felicity said, pulling out the book and casting the spell to return it to its proper size. “Then again, it did call out to me in the library, so one never knows.”

“In any case, now thot Caracticus Snigget knows about these dragons, particularly the Princess herself, entering our realm, he is likely to remember the same knowledge where these stones are concerned. The sooner we retrieve them ourselves, the safer our world, and the world of Mundania, will be.”

“Dervish, there was something else I wanted to ask of you,” said Lance, remembering. “You know that for a long time now we’ve been compelling the humans to give us food, but Felicity has come up with another way.”

“Oh aye, the Princess mentioned thot as well,” said Dervish with a smile. “Having the spare dragons take up farming on the outside to help feed our people. Dinna worry about a thing, Lance, I can take care of all thot while ye are gone. I believe ye should prepare and leave within the day.”

“So soon? Shouldn’t we be planning this out just a little better?” he asked cautiously.

“I don’t believe there will be time for that,” said Amara. “Snigget may have left in defeat this morning, but he’s got to have worked everything out in his mind by now, or he soon will. If he’s anything like most dragons, he may hold back to see what we do, but mark my words, he will realize we’re going for the stones, and he’ll be lying in wait somewhere, hoping to take advantage once we’ve achieved the goal.”

“And how, exactly, are we going to open the gate once we’ve succeeded?” Felicity wanted to know.

“With the stones, of course,” Amara replied. “When the stones are brought together at a certain place and time, and the proper incantation is spoken, their magic combines to form the Dragon’s Gate. If you thought healing my cleaved orb was an impressive sight, wait till you get a look at that!”

“Well then, not to be party pooper, but ye really should be talking along the way back home, the sooner to be on yer way. Ye canna get going by standing here. I’ll be along in another day or two to help the remaining dragons begin to find their farms. Dinna worry, this whole thing will all come together in the end somehow.”

“Do not tell me it’ll be smooth sailing,” Felicity scolded. “Look what happened the last time you did.”

“But did ye not find the book and come together in the end?” he pointed out. “’Tis my way of wishing luck on yer journey. Dinna deny me that now. Smooth sailing is what is wished for, and smooth sailing ye shall have.”

“Ugh,” she groaned. “Great. I can’t wait.”

Felicity gave Dervish a hug, and he chuckled as he hugged her back. “Wot’s thot for?”

She shrugged. “You know. Just in case.”

“Dinna think ye’ll be escaping yer fate that easily, missy,” he teased. “Ye’ve got plenty of years ahead to tolerate me.”

“Don’t be scaring my girl, you old goat,” Lance scolded as he punched his arm. “If you upset her much more than this I’ll pop us over to your craggy mountain and sit you down there so hard you won’t be able to walk for a week.”

“Lancelot Jones!” Felicity gasped, trying not to laugh at his outrageous nonsense.

“What is it, my sweet?”

“You know he has to stay here and guard the Museum,” she reminded him. “You can’t adhere him to his mountaintop until after we return.”

“How quickly they turn,” Dervish lamented. “Now hurry up and go.”

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