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Captain's Caress by Robin Joy Wirth

Captain's Caress: Second Edition

Kaela Sutton never realized how much she wanted freedom until it was suddenly thrust on her. Her overbearing socialite mother handed everything in life to her on a silver platter, which means she has no idea how to deal with it when her cryo-tank gets dropped off on the wrong world.

Thank the stars for Zach Allbright. If he hadn't offered her a job as his personal aide while he flew her back to Tedrona, Kaela's whole life would have become a nightmare! Instead, she's about to get her first taste of real happiness with a sexy starship captain.

Meanwhile, Tina, the young woman who switched nameplates with Kaela seventy years ago, is forced to deal with Kaela's mother and the young man who is meant for the Suttons' daughter. Maybe prison wouldn't have been so bad after all?


"Let me guess. You've brought me to a planet full of miscreants. Only the worst planets allow smoking, so this must be one of them," Kaela huffed. "Sir, this is an outrage. I demand to know what you're going to do about this. Where am I supposed to go? What am I supposed to do?"

"Did you see the small building with the large window to the left of this lounge?" he asked. "It belongs to the Office of Indigent Aid. I suggest you go try them."

"You can't be serious! You brought the daughter of a wealthy agriculturalist to some planet she isn't even supposed to be on, and now you want her to go ask for indigent aid? What's the matter with you? Do you have any idea what my mother would say if she knew I went and asked for a handout? She would probably disown me. Trust me on this one -- you don't know what she's like," Kaela said. "Not that it matters since it looks like it's highly unlikely she's ever going to see me again anyway."

"I'm sure that you have a lot more to say on the issue, but I don't have the time to listen to it. It's not my problem, and to tell you the truth, I wouldn't make an effort to bother with you even if it was." The captain put on his hat and stood to go. "Now, if you'll excuse me, I have no more time to waste on you. My ship is about to take off. Have a nice life."

Copy for a trailer I want to make...

Some stowaway has taken over my identity,
and the transport ship's captain refuses
to return me to the world I was destined for.

I'm the daughter of wealthy agriculturalists,
not some sort of working-class girl...
I'm totally unprepared for this sort of adventure!

Thank the stars for Zach Allbright,
the starship captain who has offered me a job
while he flies me back to Tedrona.

Being a personal aide isn't so tough--
but then things get a bit more personal
than I was bargaining for...

Now I've got a bigger problem.
Is this sexy starship captain taking me home...
Or am I already home right here in his arms?

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rjw books
Robin's Amazon Page

Robin Joy Wirth
948 S. Ainsworth Ave, #C
Tacoma, WA, 98405

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worldbuilding workbook

Use this low-content book to create characters, settings, internal or external factors that might affect the outcome of your fiction.
Fill the 200 8.5x11in pages with details, or even just doodle in there if you want...
This is your creativity catch-all. Gather up all your story ideas and put them in here. $6.95 plus shipping in the US amazon store.

worldbuilding workbook companion

Written as a companion guide for the Worldbuilding Workbook, you can grab this as an ebook, or better yet purchase the paperbacks together for a more hands-on experience. This companion book is meant to be a sort of instruction manual on how you use your workbook, but also contains suggestions on how to use a three ring binder and create a workbook of your own instead.

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