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Fairy Tale Colors by Robin Joy Wirth

Fairy Tale Colors: Ten short, modernized folk and fairy tales

What if Snow White was a young woman running an orphanage for seven boys? What if the little mermaid was a deep-sea diver? And the twelve dancing princesses were students at an art school?

You'll get all this, and more, in these ten ultra-short retellings of some of the most classic folk and fairy tales.

Though most of Robin Joy Wirth's stories carry a lot of steam, this collection is tame enough for a teen, but exciting enough to leave you wanting to read them again and again.


This is the original set of fairy tales and folk tales that i submitted to a website where authors can allow readers to veiw their work for free, but they have now been gathered together in one book

These ten stories do not contain any explicit adult content, though some of the situations might be a bit mature, so if that is a concern a parent ought to go over them first, just to make sure they approve of the material.

This collection is a series of short works which have been given color names. Most of them are adapted fairy tales which have been somewhat modernized but follow an original tale in some way, some more closely than others. A list of the originating stories will soon follow.

The Originating Stories

RED: Little Red Riding Hood
PINK: The 12 Dancing Princesses
ORANGE: The Legend of Sleepy Hollow
GOLD: The 3 Bears
GREEN: The Princess and the Pea
BLUE: The Little Mermaid
VIOLET: The Frog King
WHITE: Snow White and the 7 Dwarves
BROWN: Jack and Jill
BLACK: Cinderella

It must be noted here that it is possible for you to freely read these stories on RedShadow if you like...

FTC on RedShadow

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rjw books
Robin's Amazon Page

Robin Joy Wirth
948 S. Ainsworth Ave, #C
Tacoma, WA, 98405


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