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Space Wash by Robin Joy Wirth

Space Wash: A crazy, cosmic adventure

Crazy, irreverent tale of a group of teens so willing to get away from reform school they steal a space craft and take it for a joy ride, only to be hit by a large bag of space waste.

They find themselves unable to land until they visit the Space Wash on Europa, but this simple task is greatly complicated because Bug took the directional finder and used it as an ash tray.

Now they're lost in space and being chased down by authorities of every kind and shape; will the crew of the Guttersnipe manage to survive? Will they manage to escape?

The Space Wash

"You cannot land on Titan until you first go to the Space Wash and have that--er--debris removed from your hull," insisted the flight controller who was hovering just outside the window.

"Come on, man, we'll only be here for a few minutes," Pink complained. "I promise. Ten minutes, tops. Can't you bend the rules just this once?"

"Excrement is a contraband item," he insisted. "It can be used to make explosive devices, and Titan is having a real problem with the malcontents lately. I'm sorry, but I cannot possibly allow you to land."

I need a cigarette, Bug's mind announced to nobody in particular as it looked around for an ashtray. It spotted the perfect thing in the center of one of the operating consoles. A bowl-shaped disk that didn't seem to be anything but ornamental. It pulled the thing free of the housing and carried it over to sit beside Rod and Todd. Soon the three of them were all sitting around smoking the cigarettes which DIK had provided, and happily flicking their ashes into the makeshift ashtray.

"Well, gang, it looks like we're going to have to head for Europa," Pink told them with a heavy sigh.

"Wait, what?" Rod exclaimed. "But that's like halfway to Jupiter or something."

"I hope we have enough fuel for this," Todd added.

"What choice do we have?" Pink pointed out.

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rjw books
Robin's Amazon Page

Robin Joy Wirth
948 S. Ainsworth Ave, #C
Tacoma, WA, 98405

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worldbuilding workbook

Use this low-content book to create characters, settings, internal or external factors that might affect the outcome of your fiction.
Fill the 200 8.5x11in pages with details, or even just doodle in there if you want...
This is your creativity catch-all. Gather up all your story ideas and put them in here. $6.95 plus shipping in the US amazon store.

worldbuilding workbook companion

Written as a companion guide for the Worldbuilding Workbook, you can grab this as an ebook, or better yet purchase the paperbacks together for a more hands-on experience. This companion book is meant to be a sort of instruction manual on how you use your workbook, but also contains suggestions on how to use a three ring binder and create a workbook of your own instead.