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Bookland Sci Conquest Idea

A story idea I just thought of, would be an enemies to lovers, alien king taking over a hundred worlds that used to be a collective controlled by a computer program...



My face goes numb with shock as I realize my link to the starship has just been severed.

A ship exits the wormhole--the one our people usually control--but its not a ship belonging to the Collective. I stare at it as my heart begins to pound--hard.

Instantly I realize what's going on. Everything we hold is connected into the Code. Somebody has just hacked the hive mind, meaning all our systems could now go rogue.

This ship, those other ships connected to it--entire worlds we were linked to were now lacking the guidance and help that formed our society as a whole.

"Teagan, what's wrong?" shouts the navigation specialist, Kiara.

She should be compelled by protocol to call me 'captain' while we are on the flight deck, not behave in a personal manner outside of private hours.

"They've broken the Code," I say through clenched teeth. "I don't know how, but they've hacked it and removed the top layer. Without the parent directive, none of our systems can be properly controlled."

"Oh, stars!" she gasps. "They've done more than that. I don't have my teachings anymore. The star charts, the knowledge of how to work the ship's controls. It's all gone except the stuff I chose to learn on a personal level. We're sitting ducks out here."

"Weapons officer? Forgive me, I don't have access to your personal title," I say, glancing over to the console where a tall, black human male is staring helplessly out the window. "Do you remember how to fire?"

"Negative, sir," he admits. "I wouldn't even know I was the weapons officer except it's where I'm standing. I am--ordinary. No enhancements, no use of my cybernetic additions. No help to you at all."

"Sir? We're receiving an alien transmission," says the apparent Communications officer. "Thank goodness the computer is still able to translate."

I scoff. "You mean, they are making sure to translate, whoever they are."

“Hold your position. Prepare to be boarded,” the alien voice commands.

My eyes and Kiara's meet, and the exchange is highly personal. Recently, I have taken her as my bedmate. Those memories are fresh in my thoughts instead of the thoughts I should be having which might manage to save this ship. All I can think of is the fact I'm unlikely to be left alive.

Didn't a captain always go down with his ship?

"I'm sorry, Kiara," I tell her. "I hope you will not be harmed too, but it's certain now that many of this crew are done for. I want you to know...my heart has found peace in you."

"Teagan, don't be so fatalistic," she insists, shaking her head. "They need not kill anyone if you surrender. Don't give up hope so soon."

But in the next instant, the bridge is filled with ten humanoids in full battle gear. They aren't here for a peaceful surrender. This is about to be a slaughter.

"Get down, Kiara!" I warn, shoving her under the bulkhead of the navigation console. "I won't let them make you dead!"

Laser blasts ring out, and almost all the officers on deck fall within moments. I am hit, too. As my last act I throw my failing body backwards, making sure it will shield Kiara from all the blasts. She is going to live if I have anything to say about it. I only wish I had the chance to properly kiss her good-bye.

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