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nebula first time

Bookland Sci: Dark Nebula First Time

Arayna had never seen a naked man before. She knew so little about men in such a state she wasn’t even sure which parts of him were supposed to embarrass her as her mother had told her they should. She opted to mentally tell her mother to go away so she could enjoy this new experience without her censure.

She had nothing to compare him to, but she was certain that the starship captain had to be a superior specimen. He was all bronzed muscle, and the hard part she’d felt was bigger even than she had at first suspected.

She was trying to work out exactly where on her anatomy he intended to put the thing. She vaguely remembered Jocinda saying the man enters from where you bleed, but she had no idea if the thing would fit there since she had not examined the area on herself.

Herc did not immediately lay on top of her again. Instead, he took his time exploring various parts of her body. Her breasts, arms, and thighs seemed to be of interest, and then finally her lips again.

His tongue swept into her mouth, and she found herself breathing so fast, she almost wasn’t getting any air. Arayna made herself take a deep breath, then she shyly slid her tongue forward to taste Herc’s. The contact sent a shockwave of pure pleasure right between her legs.

Herc must have known it, too, because right at the same time he thrust his hips again, and Arayna moaned. She found herself clinging to his back, her arms wrapped tightly around his torso. She thought she would never let go.

When he moved off to the side, for a moment Arayna wanted to tug him against her again. Then she felt his fingers slip up inside of her, at the same time confirming the place he was interested in and making her body even hotter than before. What else could she do but moan with every little movement he made?

He took his fingers out and moved over her again, pressing against her with his hardened part. Arayna sobbed as he entered her, not sure if it was with joy or surprise. Probably both.

The pain was deep and throbbing, and she gasped, clinging to Herc even more than before. He moved up a bit so he could see her face.

“It won’t hurt very long, sweetheart,” he said as he stroked her hair out of her eyes. “Just hold on to me.”

He bent down and captured her mouth with his, distracting her with deep, sweet kisses from his lips and tongue. Arayna moaned into his mouth, making him groan as he began to move inside her.

The first couple of thrusts were rather painful, but as he continued the heat took over, and the insistent throbbing changed into something much better. The next time Arayna gasped, it was from sheer pleasure.

“I can make you feel a lot better than that,” he whispered in her ear. He changed the way he was moving from gentle strokes to swift, hard thrusts, and he was right. She was feeling much, much better now.

The hand he’d been using to stroke her face moved down to stroke her breast instead. Arayna moaned as a tension built up in her limbs and belly, and Herc moved again.

This time, he sat back on his legs and pulled her body up till she was sitting on top of the hard shaft. She yelped as he went in much deeper, but her body soon adjusted again, and she was amazed to find herself actually thrusting on him instead of the other way around.

“Yes, baby, that’s right,” he told her. “Do it with me. It’s better like that.”

Since she was on his lap and he didn’t have to hold himself up any longer, Herc’s other hand was now available to explore, and he took full advantage. After a minute or two, his fingers moved down into the apex between her legs and found her very sensitive nub.

“What—what are you doing?” she asked. “Stars, that feels—oh my, what—”

“Let it happen, sweetheart,” he said. Arayna willingly followed his suggestion, and by the time he stopped she was practically screaming in delight. Then Herc laid her down again and thrust just a few more times before he, too, groaned with pleasure.

“Stars!” Arayna breathed as he moved off to one side and pulled her into his arms. That was about the extent of her vocabulary until much later when her heart finally was beating normally again.

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rjw books
Robin's Amazon Page

Robin Joy Wirth
948 S. Ainsworth Ave, #C
Tacoma, WA, 98405


worldbuilding workbook

Use this low-content book to create characters, settings, internal or external factors that might affect the outcome of your fiction.
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worldbuilding workbook companion

Written as a companion guide for the Worldbuilding Workbook, you can grab this as an ebook, or better yet purchase the paperbacks together for a more hands-on experience. This companion book is meant to be a sort of instruction manual on how you use your workbook, but also contains suggestions on how to use a three ring binder and create a workbook of your own instead.