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Robin's Freelancing Services

I cannot guarantee availability or interest in your offer, but I am open to receiving freelance work if I do have time and interest in it.

To cut down on a few things, I'd like to point out ahead of time that I have a strong preference to work with fiction, and my preferred payment method is via paypal.

There are certain guidelines in the industry for what payment is expected--generally a thousand words is at least $15, but this price goes up depending on the type of words desired and the amount of extra research that must be done to create them effectively.

I do have some genres that are more preferred, and a particular preference for steamy romantic tales, though I'm capable of producing even naughtier stories if that's something you are looking for. The genres I most prefer:

Sci-fi: futuristic, time-travel, aliens, alien invasion, space travel, set on another world, our present but with new technological discovery, ecological or other disasters, etc.

Fantasy: fae realm, fantasy realm, witches and wizards, sword and sorcery, fae or other creatures in our world, etc.

Paranormal: supernatural, shifter, zombie or other apocalypse, hidden world, gods and demons, etc.

Billionaire/Boss/Modern: this sort of stuff is wide open, falling for the boss, enemies to lovers, brother's best friend, medical romance, etc. Just throw something out there and let's see if it sticks...

I can also do your plots or outlines for you, or proof-read/edit things before you hit publish, or if you'd like I may even be able to create your cover.

If you've got an idea, just hit me up and we'll talk...please use "freelance idea" in your subject line...

P.S. You can find me on upwork here:

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