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In case you got here without checking out what Glory Star is, I'm creating a steamy sci-fi romance and showing you everything I do along the way.

If you sign up, it is a separate newsletter from the others which you won't be unsubscribed from if you select none in that mailing system, but rather you'll need to select none here:

This newsletter will include announcements when I put up something new, and potentially little exercises and such you can try out for yourself.

Glory Star is a pet project I can only work on when I have time, so there are huge gaps between mailings sometimes. I am trying to get back in here more often, but since I have to ghostwrite other work to pay my bills I cannot give you any set guarantees other than one. I WILL FINISH THIS THING SOMETIME!

Please remember, you can toggle your subscription on and off here whenever you like; the decision is not 'set in stone'.

Parts of the code in this form were created with help from my friend Will Bontrager. As a thank you to him, I would like to send anyone else in need of code assistance his way: https://www.willmaster.com/index.php

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