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At the beginning of any story, there are a few decisions a writer has to make, which include genre, point or points of view, location, setting, past or present tense, and the tone or voice being used. I'll not go over all of that stuff in here, but I will give a list of the decisions for this tale.


First, the genre is science fiction. I will alternate the points of view between Glory and Richards, though not necessarily chapter for chapter; Glory will probably get more than Richards overall.

Richards, who is a "legendary space hero" and captain of numerous ships, had a recent mission in the Regulus Quadrant, and his personal assistant has just decided to marry and remain on the planet, leaving him in need of someone to replace him. Learning of the opportunity, Glory tells her mother and father she is going for a rocket ride with her friends to the moon before selecting any jobs to apply for. She doesn't mention that when they arrive she fully intends to apply for the assistant position. This is the general set up for how the pair will meet.


The story is in the past tense, with an adventurous and playful tone sprinkled with a few places that get really intense in other ways, such as when she witnesses the devastation on some of the worlds and insists on trying to help.


I am highly contemplating the book being the first in a series. If so, the first story will be about arriving in his "home quadrant" and the pair visiting some of the worlds so she can assess the need to make repairs, and falling in love into the bargain. In the second book they have a daughter and Glory has to make a few decisions. Normally, infants are raised for the first five years by mechanoids, after which they can be placed in cryostasis along with everyone else. But some mothers decide to remain animated for the five years. In the end, she chose to go into stasis, and allow her daughter to be nurtured, figuring that they'll have plenty of time together when they reach the new planet her husband is ordered to take charge of and colonize.

Any books beyond that are outside the scope of this current plotting session.

Plan of Attack

Okay, so now I have a general timeline of what should be happening. In the first book, they meet, interact on the way to the outer rim, then go into a brief stasis on the way to the worm hole that will bring them to the outer rim of the Gamlin Quadrant. Once they've arrived, the story progresses to them negotiating for upgraded equipment with the main space station for all the ships and planets under his command. Eventually, they crash and all that, and their relationship progresses through more events to a point at which they realize they are in love and decide to marry (and probably become pregnant even if the child's gender isn't known until book two...)

A book usually needs about 50k+ words, so to get them, you next need to decide the general length of your chapters and how many you will need to accomplish those numbers. Here are a few options:

Assuming a desire for a 50k book:
20 chapters of 2500 words
25 chapters of 2000 words
30 chapters of 1667 words
35 chapters of 1429 words
40 chapters of 1250 words

As a beginning author, you might be tempted to use 40 chapters because your scenes do not have to be as long, allowing you to break them up more easily. However, in a book of this type, I would be more inclined to make each chapter have more words so I don't have to come up with so many scenes.

A lot of times in the industry, if you are writing for others or even just trying to conform to what sells, you need to determine ahead of time how many sex scenes there are and what heat level they will be. "Steamy" means it is likely that you will have three or four, maybe even more sexual encounters in the story, but it should not be the main thrust of your plot.

It is usually frowned on to place the sex at the very beginning, since you need to build up some tension first, so in a 50k, place the first scene at roughly 12-15000 words, and then try to let the other scenes fall into place naturally, and make sure the story progresses into the bargain.

For the sake of having a good example, I'm going to set this book with 30 chapters, and tentatively four sex scenes but with license to add one if I feel like it. It's my own story, so I can do that. However, if you are writing for another person, you will have to comply with their desires.

One last thing...I am waffling on the name 'Richards' in a sci-fi. Don't be too surprised if I up and change it at some point.

Now that all the big decisions have been made, the next file will be where I create a story skeleton to make it easier to develop 30 to 35 scenes in this story.


Not sci-fi, but a good example of how breaking the rule about sex too soon could be employed...