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The Glory Star Project: Prep Work

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What does Glory look like?
This seems like the perfect opportunity to go play with my 'hotslot' to see if I can build Glory with it. I'll be right back with the results!
Glory Star, black hair, green eyes, tan skin, teens, average height, very light weight, lithe, uniform, likes salty snacks, dislikes gaming, went to tech school, highly logical, hobby is needlecrafts, salary, luxury vehicle, lives in dome quarters, machines specialist.
Admittedly, I tweaked this a bit but I can do what I want, remember? Lol.

What does Richards look like?

Again, playing with the 'hotslot' tool: blond, deep brown eyes, bronzed skin, thirties, tall, average weight, muscular, space-age clothing, likes trivia, dislikes poetry, non-trad education, skill is mathematics, hobby is photography, spare time: clubbing, friend: Kurana

What is Richards' full name (see if I mentioned it anywhere and if so make sure name is the same everywhere..)?

Hey, why break a trend? The name button gave me: Xavier

Need to fully describe the sights, tastes, smells, people, vehicles etc. on Regulus Prime so they can be used in the first chapter...

You see those categories I came up with? These are reusable for every other planet we'll build, but they don't have to be these specific questions. Whatever it is you want to know about, list now and fill it in as required for every scene, every region, whatever. Build your world so your people can move around in it; that's the ultimate goal.

Also, do you see this world I'm building here? What's to say I couldn't use it for another book later with one of her friends or her brother or some off the wall other character? I can use it any way I want, tweak it, give it another name and say it's somewhere else, etc. These are GREAT to save!

The planet itself is rocky, with a very thin atmosphere which is not breathable. All sources of water are underground. There is no natural protection from solar radiation coming from the red sun, and the temperatures vary greatly between night and day. No indigenous vegetation.

Technical, Mining, Farming, Information, Food Service, Medical, Entertainment, Transportation, Education, Entrepreneur

Humans and robotic humanoids occupy numerous small housing-domes, with single-family dwellings being considered the height of luxury and not usually placed in the city-- Glory can see them as they depart, out in the forbidden desert area.


Family vehicle is a tanklike, self-contained atmosphere all-terrain, known as an ATR unit.


Ruling class and working class, headed up by the GalactiCorp Administrator assigned to the planet. He answers to the galactic administrator, who answers to the quadrant administrator, etc. At the local level, this admin, Dr. Zorian, is the most interested in science and technology, whereas his wife heads up agrarian and livestock concerns. There is a third admin, Colarius, who is in change of mining the resources of the world.


Easiest way to identify people is by the color of uniforms. Ruling class wears purple, science wears red, tech wears gold, agrarian in green, miners in brown, prostitutes in blue. In a situation like a dance, where they dress however they please, classes are not observed. This enables free interaction for the purposes of finding a life mate without concern over class.


In the uniformed situation, classes are clearly defined as above, these are usually full suits including oxygen, which are worn outside. Indoors they may wear pants, shirts, skirts, dresses, etc, much like our own but made with futuristic materials and probably glow or sparkle. Hair is generally kept short or bound up so it doesn't get in the way. A lot of people dye hair an unnatural shade. Security personnel shave their heads regularly. This behavior seems to be universal throughout all of GalactiCorp.


A highly competitive style, with each class considering themselves distinctive for some reason or other. The tech, Glory's class, are known to believe all of society will tumble without their help.

Diet is predominantly vegan. Foods are grown in farm-domes, some for plants, some for livestock. The animals are rarely killed for meat; cows produce milk, bees produce honey, birds produce eggs, etc.


Furniture is strangely shaped but serviceable. Tends to have stands with narrowing legs, then flare outwards into chair, couch, or table. The furniture in the household is generally the color of the father's class, so the Stars have brown furnishings. Glory updated her bedroom in golds once she was accepted into the tech program. Educators are considered members of the ruling body, so her mother's belongings are predominantly purple.