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At this point, we just left off with the couple arriving on Xav's ship, having a little welcome party, and then everyone prepping and getting into the cryotanks to head for Gamlin. I'm placing the correctly numbered, pertinent part here:

January 23, 2022

XIII. Shuttle scene
A. Kuran shows Glory which shuttle is theirs
1. "Listen, I have to go find my husband and get settled in my own seat...will you be okay to find your seat on your own?"
2. Glory has the trouble with the storage space
B. Xav shows her how to work the thing
1. settles in seat, he gets her a headset etc
2. Glory watches the stars go by and drifts off, certain her life will never be the same again.

IX. Xav welcomes Glory to his ship
A. She's sleeping when they dock and he watches her a moment before he wakes her, leading her through the hatchway into his ship.
1. "Here we are, your home until we reach Gamlin. And probably sometimes after, too. It's not my primary ship, but I do use it when we travel."
2. Shows her around, leads her into her quarters where there's a cake and the crew is waiting for them. They celebrate her arrival as the newest crew member
B. Xav is the last to leave and is reluctant to do so
1. "So, I should...get out of here, huh? If you want to clean up before bed you'll have to use a solar shower. Do you know how to work those controls?"
2. "I think I can figure it out."

X. the whole cryotank thing
A. two weeks of traveling later they reach the wormhole, have a look at it, and then the crew must all tank up while they pass through it over the next six months.
1. "It's beautiful...I've longed for a look at one"
2. "You'll love your first look at Gamlin galaxy too. But now it's time to go."
B. Admits to never being in a real cryotank before
1. "When we simulated getting into a tank at school we never had to take off our clothes."
2. "Don't worry, after you do it a time or two getting naked will seem pretty natural. But most of the crew is already frozen, I made sure of it so you could feel comfortable.
3. "That's so thoughtful, but what about you?" she asks in teasing tone.
4. Grins, saying, "You know this is your first time. I can't let you tank yourself." Vibes, but he doesn't touch her, she's still smiling up at him when she passes out.