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Okay, I have a rough idea of a few things I want to have in this story, as follows:

Show Glory at home with her overbearing parents.

After they talk about her graduating with top honors in the mechanics field, they start listing off nearby jobs which are open that she could try for. She says she wants a break first, and manages to slip away to join her friends for 'a couple of days of well-deserved fun at the lunar base', probably propped with a favorite food she is eating as they talk. They live on the planet, Regulus Prime, which the moon orbits.

Both the society on the planet and the moon need to be world built.

Why they are there, types of jobs people do there, types of clothing worn, hairstyles and expected body types, what they tend to eat and where, attitude of the people in general, type of government, architecture, types of furniture, household items likely to be used, how children are raised and what expectations are placed on them by their parents and others, etc...

A bit about Regulus Prime

For this, I have decided the world is not earthlike, so they live in domes. Outside, the world is rocky and hot, has two suns. It is being mined for ore, her father Jaden Star is one of the division supervisors for the area, never gets his own hands dirty anymore, but is encouraging her brother Red, two years younger, to become a miner so he also can work up the ranks eventually. If he does not become a miner, his other choices are agriculture or raising livestock, since he did not test well enough to choose medicine or science. Her mother Andromeda is an educator of young children around eight years old. Glory went to her training at Regulus University Division 7, and trained in operational engineering, a choice neither parent liked because most engineers end up going outbound. Which is exactly what she hopes to do.

A bit about the lunar base, Luna One

The moon, Luna, has an underground base with periodic aboveground spires which service shuttles. The base itself is very old, having been populated before the planet itself, which people have lived on over three hundred regulan years (500ish Earth years). People on the base are mostly scientists and engineers, with food being grown on the planet for them. The council, governing body for the quadrant, has its representatives meet in the center of this base. Also, there are many 'offices' there for people to conduct business, one of which gets rented by Cpt. Richards for his upcoming assistant search.

Interview for the position held on the lunar base.

Glory has used her friends as an excuse to go there, but this was her intention all along. She had heard that the famous Captain's former assistant was about to marry someone on her world, so he will need another one. She is seated in a waiting room with about twenty applicants, mostly older people, but she's positive she has better credentials and he will want someone younger, who would obviously live longer barring any unforseen accidents. Richards is too attracted and too impressed by Glory to let her slip through his fingers and hires her on the spot.

Their first meal together, which allows them to learn more about each other through conversation.

After he hires her, he invites her to eat with him so he can brief her and they can talk. Here, he'll learn about her troublesome parents, and she will learn a bit more about 'the lengend', and how he doesn't see himself as any different than the next man, he just stepped up and made the choices they wouldn't, like testing out ships, braving new planets, and accepting a position of authority. Somebody had to do it, why not him? Glory finds this notion a bit intimidating, but doesn't tell him so.

Scene where she informs her parents of her decision via the communications grid

They are not happy, tell her to come home and discuss it, but instead she sends her two friends that she came with down to collect some of her clothes and belongings, and her parents allow them to. These are delivered to a shuttle owned by Richards, and soon will be on the way to his home planet ahead of them. However, Glory does need a few things with her so she goes to the shuttle to load a suitcase before the rest is sent out. This case is the one she later is trying to fit into the cubby hole. This is probably done mostly in the background, with her friends and maybe one of Richards' men already arriving at the door about the same time she tells them what is going on.

Glory's first experiences with interstellar travel, hinted at in the regular scene.

This is a perfect place to explain more about their mode of space travel and the ships used for it. First, they don't lose 'time' because they are folding space with worm holes; this is important because otherwise while Cpt. Richards was at Regulus, everyone he knows in his own system or the others he visits will have aged and died; we don't want that. Second, when traveling inside one star system, the ships move fast enough to travel from one planet to another in a matter of hours, or a few days to reach the outer rim. This means, in terms of AU, if Regulus were Earth, and Pluto were the outer rim, it would take about a week tops to get out there. As you can imagine, trajectories are VERY strictly monitored to avoid collisions as a result.

Her initial embarrassment when everyone gets mostly naked while prepping for the cryotanks.

In the simulations, they'd always kept their clothes on and never actually stepped inside the cryo-unit itself, so she's a little nervous. It doesn't happen until the week went by and they have reached the outer rim, where his ship is waiting for them. They are frozen prior to being placed on board, so she won't see it until after they've passed through the worm hole, which the ship takes three months to reach.

Waking up to find Richards himself overseeing her thawing out.

When she is fully awake and he walks her out, he says "welcome to my ship, Glory. It's a pleasure to have you aboard."

Glory explores the ship

She needs to start assessing which machinery needs repairs--this means that machinery must be invented first. Need to make an itemized list of machines and their intended functions, at least twenty things for a start. Make them pertinent to the scenes she'll find herself in, use them for props where appropriate, etc. [Maybe the pair might lean against one of them while kissing?] Some of these must be obvious: navigation, propulsion, ventilation, radiator, heater, gravity, computers, communications, refrigeration/storage for food, sanitation, hydroponics, weapons systems in case of attack, robotic, medical equipment including a robotic medical staff, cryotanks.

Glory first sees the world Richards calls home

Mostly oceanic, one major city, people breath freely, no domes, whole lot of farmlands, woods, etc. Numerous animal species (need to build them...) Also, he has a very large home which should be unusual compared to the ones we'd build on Earth, and nothing like the domes either. Maybe it floats on the water?

The planets they visit so she can recommend upgrades to the machines etc

Need to determine at least a few of these well enough to mention, with one or two built up more so scenes can be enacted on them. One of them should be terrestrial so they can be out in a field when he presses her up against a harvester intent on kissing her senseless until the guy they end up flying around with shows up at the precisely wrong time to pick them up, but then the ship breaks down etc. They would have been arguing about something...she's probably telling him this place is completely in the Dark Ages and everything needs help, but he's saying some stuff is still good, like the harvester, which then hisses loudly when he gives it a pat, making her laugh, then he moves, arms to either side of her, pressing in to say, "It can't all go. How could we afford that? You're going to have to choose."

Sex scene one, bedroom on the ship

As seen in steamy.

Ship can't be fixed, they have to walk

Thankfully, they are on a world with a small outpost rather than one they'd be completely stranded on. But they'll have limited time to walk around due to the quality of the air, about four hours, so they'll have to move fast to get to back before they run into trouble.

Rescued and brought to the main space station

Here is where they'll begin to negotiate and trade for the various worlds they'd just visited, and Richards asks Glory to become his wife. Their shuttle is recovered and repaired, and they use it to return to the main ship, which they turn back toward his world.

Wedding etc

By the time they arrive she is about four months (earth months...figure out how they measure later) pregnant when they have their wedding. The wedding should be a mix of what we know and some other, strange customs of some kind which I'll build on the fly. Probably will have epilogue showing that they have a daughter...maybe even just show them arriving on a new planet they're meant to colonize. Easily decided later.

Just because I thought it would be fun to do, I intend to play around with a little plot/scene tool which I will build directly in the project pages. It gives random adjective, noun, verb, adverb pairs, which I will tailor to work with a sci-fi story specifically. It takes a while to get all the words into the databases, but I'll start playing with it well before the thing is complete, and keep working on it as we progress through these.

I won't be putting together my outline all on the same day, so I will date the entries on the official "outline page". Keep in mind, I am ghostwriting at least 100k per month to pay the bills, so don't expect this to be fast!

Oct 23 2021: was reading back through here, seems like I changed a few of the first events a little. During the first meal they didn't have the conversation mentioned here...so that means I still have room to put it somewhere else. Also, I'm getting ready to have them board the Nautilus first, then tank up, instead of tanking in the shuttle. Seems likely there'd be more room for a tanking area in a spaceship rather than a shuttle...