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Glory stared at the steam as it hissed from something under the outer panel into the breathable atmosphere of the world the three of them had landed on and gave a heavy sigh. "I suppose that repair work is going to take quite some time, isn't it, Commander Arden?"

"Yes, even with my exceptional skills, I imagine I could be outside for—oh, say at least two or three hours," he replied, casting Captain Richards an amused glance as he headed for the door. "I suppose you two could always watch a movie or something while you wait around. Or if you're in need of some sleep, there's a bedroom cabin at the back. But since it's usually just me who needs it, there's only the one, I'm afraid. The only way you'd both be able to rest up would be to share."

Glory's face pinkened, but she didn't say anything as she glanced down toward the bedroom cabin in question. She was really starting to wish she hadn't challenged Richards quite so thoroughly down on that last planet, but really, the conditions there were beyond intolerable. Those people deserved the upgrades she'd suggested, and he was the one who had told her he wanted brutal honesty.

Arden was gone. The door was sealed, leaving her alone with Richards for the first time since their heated exchange. She could feel the tension growing in the air between them, but she was too nervous to look up and discover what mood might be showing on his face.

Richards stepped forward, capturing her by the chin. She gasped, finally looking up at him. She wished wholeheartedly that she would not have, though. It wasn't anger that fueled the fire in those ice-blue eyes—but it was definitely a heat source all right.

"What?" she asked, and hated the meek little squeak of a word as soon as it had left her lips.

"I think that we should go to bed," he said sternly.

"But I'm not tired," she pointed out.

His lips curled up as he leaned in just a bit closer, and she realized with a flash of heady alarm where he was headed. Before his lips made it to her own, though, his face turned slightly so that they grazed her ear as he muttered softly into it. "Neither am I."

The invitation couldn't have been more blatant if he'd drawn out a red flag with bold white lettering that spelled out the word 'pheromones' in all capital letters. Glory sucked in a heated breath, but that was all the more time he gave her before his lips crushed down on hers, taking possession of every part of her being through the searing exchange.

She opened her mouth as she exhaled, and of course the man took full advantage of the opportunity, just as he did in all things. But the taste of him, the feel of his velvet tongue as it found her own, and the blatant way he crushed her to him, holding on to her like somebody had opened the airlock in space and he didn't want to let her go, all converged on her right between her thighs as her body reacted to him. If she'd ever believed she was aroused before, the way she felt right now put all of those former notions to shame in a way that left her legs turned to jelly and her mind screaming at her to run right into the bedroom singing the hallelujah chorus.

Good thing he must have been well aware that the minds of young women turned to mush whenever he touched them, and he took her compliant response as a cue to take her to that bedroom himself if he wanted her there. Continuing both his hold and his kiss with relentless persistence, he lifted her bodily and walked them both through the door, pressing her onto the mattress at the same time his foot reached backward to kick the door closed.

"Please tell me you know how to work on this piece of equipment," he begged, pressing his rather impressive cock against the inside of her thigh.

"I—believe I've observed a repair or two from the cheap seats," she said, blushing hotly.

"What, no full exploratories?"

"I've studied the manual in depth also," she added with a smirk. "But you know, I always did learn things best hands on."

He groaned and bit as his lower lip as Glory ran two fingers over the throbbing bulge. It took no more prompting than that for him to rip open the fasteners of his pants so she could put her hands on the real deal.

"Mm, I didn't know they were so big," she admitted as her fingers circled around him.

"From what I'm told, most of them aren't," he told her, blushing. "But I'm also told I wield it quite nicely."

Glory giggled. "Maybe you should let me be the judge of that, sir."

"Yes, Glory, I believe that was the idea," he said, kissing her again. Getting to his feet, he tugged Glory up along with him. "I don't know about you, sweetheart, but I have always preferred to go to bed in the nude."

"Yes, sir," she nodded, and then peeled away her own suit, allowing it to drop onto the floor. She watched with avid eyes as he removed his suit as well, and then he pulled her back into his arms, drawing her back down onto the bed.

"I wonder what else this sweet little mouth might be good for," he teased her then.

Glory smirked, and she did not hesitate even a moment before slipping his hardened flesh between her lips. She ran her tongue experimentally over the tip, then smoothed it over the length, thrilling at the unfamiliar sensation of the veins beneath the smooth surface. When he groaned, she smiled even more. He must really like what she was doing to him, she decided, and so she surged forward, intent on doing it some more.