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Nov 15, 2019

Hey there,

I'm trying out something a little different this time. I have noticed some authors doing book "sales" instead of "giveaways”, so I put my book, Bruin, into this one. It is slated to start on the 16th, but my countdown deal doesn’t start till the 18th, so if you want Bruin at 99 cents you’ll want to grab it around that date. Please remember to share the sales link with all your reader friends so they can enjoy these deals too!

Link is no longer active, obviously... https://books.bookfunnel.com/paranormal_fantasy_sci-fi_romance/t5hs0r4ys4

Even if you already have a copy of Bruin clicking on this link on or after the 16th will still bring you the chance to grab plenty of other excellent stories in this book fair. We authors could really use your support. Grab the books you love, and don’t forget that reviews are an excellent way to support your favorites so other readers can find them too!

As a "thank you" for your support, I created a cute little flash fiction for you guys just below. And please, don't forget to head down to the bottom to look for freebies... I'm off to find you some goodies right now! (removed)

Unconventional Research

So, like, I'm sitting around on a near-Earth station waiting for the feed-lapse, and the dude I'm waiting on is somewhere on Titan. The delay is like ten minutes, and I can't help thinking about how cool it must be to have his job instead of my own.

I'm just a tech geek, but that guy actually gets to work out at the manufacturing plant, turning out the products, while all I get to do is create the concepts. But together, we’re striving towards a new line of products that will be solid gold.

I don’t mind being the guy sitting in an easy chair instead of the one getting my hands dirty, though. I'm not built for the hard labor of harvesting methane or digging in the mines. This time, he'll have to do a bit of each before the finished product can be realized.

Believe it or not, he's harvesting the ingredients to create a computer chip that can be ingested by the customer to allow them to watch an entertainment video in their mind. The idea is completely my brainchild, and I'm pretty impressed with myself this time.

The hardest part had been figuring out how to create a chip small enough to pass through the digestive system and be able to interface with the mind for at least a half hour before it broke down--since it would suck if the chip ended before the movie was over, right?

Methane is not part of the product itself; it's just used as part of the process—it's the silicate he's really after, but only a few granules at a time. Science stuff that non-techs wouldn't understand.

Sorry I took so long, tech, the worker finally reported in. Just tried out a five-minute chip, and I think there's a problem. The chemical treatment seems to have—druglike properties. I'm having quite a trip here. What can I do about that?

It was unforeseen, dude, I was never prepared for that. You'll need to ride it out while I look into the matter. I'll let you know if I find any way to help. Do me a favor, let me know as soon as you feel you've returned to normal.

Will do, sir.

This time-delay seemed to go on forever. While I waited, I couldn't help myself as I realized the illegal implications of what we'd just discovered. I played through a scenario where we became total drug-lords who took over the known universe, reprogramming everyone who tried just one chip-trip so that they all believed whatever we wanted, controlling each of their minds.

So, maybe that sort of research might be a bit unconventional, but heck, in the far reaches of space one market was just as good as another, right?

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