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Feb 22 2022


O M G ! ! !

Not only did I get COVID, I got something called extended COVID. I've been sick since the second day of January, and I'm still getting slammed.

Right now, the COVID itself is gone, but then I had pneumonia so they put me on steroids for a week. But the weirdest thing is what happened when that stuff ran out.

It's like my mind and my body are two separate entities or something, and I can't really feel things like usual. If something is hot there's an awareness that it should be hot but I can't tell that it is. And while I'm typing here at my desk it feels like I have another hand somewhere across the room trying to remember how to turn a doorknob, and another hand that's typing, but not on the keyboard it's actually typing on. And I'm observing this penomenon from somewhere ten feet up, trying to rewrite my program on the fly to see if I can improve the functionality of my brain such that my errant pieces might meld back into myself again.

For a hot minute they gave me some 'dizzy pills' but I soon realized those were making it worse, so now I'm just trying to deal with it by forcing my brain to update my database and website because I can't cognate well enough to finish the end of the story I was trying to work on. This is completely crazy, and the doctor said it could take another month to 'get right' again, but that I should improve a little each day.

I wonder how he thinks I should be cooking meals??? But anyway...lol!

Also as an exercise to make my brain function, I updated the cover for A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing. I've placed both Wolf and Undying Fire at 99 cents from Feb 2-9, but while I was at it I also put Wolf into a bookfunnel giveaway for the month if you'd prefer to get it in exchange for giving me your email. Either way, it's one of my best stories, and it's also short, so it's all good.

Of course, Undying Fire is a full length novel filled with interesting characters and a story that leaves you hoping I'm writing it's sequel--I'm not, but you never know if I could be persuaded. If you want that one, you'll have to grab it via the kindle countdown deal.

you'll find the links in the Freebies and Deals area below.

I was having trouble sending the news, some of you might be getting this email another time...and hopefully this time successfully!

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