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Late March 2022


I went to town on my website while I was sick and one of the last upgrades I decided to do was a remake of my newsletter sender, which I've finally go ready. As such, I figure that must mean I ought to email you guys something. Lucky for me, my author friend Lizzy just so happens to have a new release, and I know lots of you guys like her books, so that's the first thing down in the deals.

Anyway, as I'd mentioned at the end of February I was extremely sick right up until I last emailed you. Since then, more shxx seems to have hit the fan. The top of that list would have to be that on St. Patrick's Day my dad decided to move on to greener pastures in Summerland, and since us kids are not all in the same state we'll be having a 'virtual memorial' sort of thing for him upcoming this week. But of course I didn't think that was stressful enough so apparently I thought I needed to break my toe...well, yeah, you know? Lol. This is how it happened, get ready to face-palm.

Firstly, for about five months now, my left hip keeps getting sudden stabbing pain so severe I can't walk. So, on the 19th and 20th it was doing that, and on the 21st it seemed to have stopped, but in either case I needed to go to the store. As you might imagine on the third day after my dad's sudden death, my mind was elsewhere as I was walking. Now, with all my mobility issues I should know not to walk and think at the same time, but nope. I get to the bottom concrete stairstep and next thing I know I'm on my bottom, except my bottom is also sitting on the top of my foot. Unfortunately, the big toe is bent upwards underneath the foot, and made a decidedly not good crunching sound...so I already knew. Happy Equinox!!

And today, as I'm trying to tell you all this, the dang left hip has started in again...sigh. Oh well, at least I don't need to go to the store....lol.

So now, on a happier topic...I'm so excited. I finally decided it was time to stop thinking about getting turtle a better log and actually had a really cool hide built for her, and she absolutely LOVES the thing. Tear, sniffle. Here she is now....

turtle logged in

Anyway, hope you guys are all having fun, and I'm off to create a sale or something to put in this mailing...you'll also find whatever it is down in the Freebies and Deals somewhere under Lizzy's book....and boy, does that book look exciting!!! Can't wait to start reading the thing....

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