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Site Crashed

Oy, you ever notice when you're minding your own business sometimes the Universe likes to mess with you? My card didn't pay the site bill and they suspended it on me, and when I turned it on the thing refused to work so I had to rework all the pages and such...I'm actually still doing updates but it's mostly caught up. If you do come across a crazy page please do let me know about it. Thanks!

One Thing I Wanted to Show You

This is a story idea that just popped into my head, wondering what you all think of it. I placed a feedback form on the page, feel free to let me know if you want me to turn this into a steamy enemies to lovers romance between Kiara and the alien king who decides to keep her for himself. I'm thinking it'll have a lot of angst and sizzle as she's forced to watch him take control of the hundred worlds of the Collective and decides the best way to at least stop him from killing everyone is to win his heart.

Also, could use some name suggestions if anyone wants to send me some, either by email or directly in the page's form. Thanks...

Idea Prologue


My face goes numb with shock as I realize my link to the starship has just been severed.

A ship exits the wormhole--the one our people usually control--but its not a ship belonging to the Collective. I stare at it as my heart begins to pound--hard.

Instantly I realize what's going on. Everything we hold is connected into the Code. Somebody has just hacked the hive mind, meaning all our systems could now go rogue.

This ship, those other ships connected to it--entire worlds we were linked to were now lacking the guidance and help that formed our society as a whole.

"Teagan, what's wrong?" shouts the navigation specialist, Kiara.

She should be compelled by protocol to call me 'captain' while we are on the flight deck, not behave in a personal manner outside of private hours.

"They've broken the Code," I say through clenched teeth. "I don't know how, but they've hacked it and removed the top layer. Without the parent directive, none of our systems can be properly controlled."

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