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As those of you who have already been following me and getting emails might know, mailchimp massively screwed up by completely unsubscribing people who had only been saying they didn't want to get a particular type of email.

Partly it was my fault for trying to divide up the lists instead of just making one newsletter, so I'm going back to square one--completely starting over. Heck, the rest of my site reflects my desire to do things my own way, so that's what I'll be doing with my emails too!

To get back on track, I'll be using the names of people in my bookfunnel download list rather than trying to sort mailchimp out. This means that some of you who have not heard from me in a long time may be getting this email, and even that some who might have actually meant to fully unsubscribe might get it as well. If you do get this and don't want any more news, please use the unsubscribe link I created for you at the bottom. And remember, even if you unsubscribe now, you are always welcome to return to RedShadow and sign up again. No harm, no foul!

For those who do want news, the new letter will mostly contain links to information on the website itself, and at the bottom I'll put links to awesome free books and such you can enjoy as well. Usually, I will tell you a little about something I am working on, something I just published, sales on my books, or provide excerpts for your reading pleasure. If I get a wild notion I might even post a poll or a survey.


Some of you may be getting this as your first email. Welcome! My name is Robin Joy Wirth, and I am a prolific writer of romantic fiction, some which is my own, and some which you won't hear much about because I ghosted it for others. I keep a website, RedShadow's Quill, which is predominantly meant as a romance writer's resource complete with tips, tools, ideas, etc in two zones; tame and hot. The tame zone is for people who want to have a look at stuff that doesn't have naughty bits, while the hot zone is for anybody who would like to have a bit more fun.

RedShadow isn't just for writers, it also contains things for the readers. In the tame zone you can find numerous short, modernized fairy tales I wrote year ago. Or, if you are up for it, you might visit the hot zone to discover Dragons of the Deep, an interactive fiction game I'm working on right now.

Writers and readers alike might find some of the story randomizing tools fun to play with, or follow along as I write a steamy romance from concept all the way to publication, showing you everything I did along the way. Glory Star does have a newsletter of its own for those who wish to be told when new content is added, asked for feedback, or even given "assignments" they can try out along the way. Keep in mind, I am actively working on freelance jobs to pay my bills, so the project is likely to take a whole lot longer than it would if I was writing this for a client! (I've been known to write 50,000 words in 2-3 weeks with great regularity...)

Starting with this letter, you'll be able to come back and read all the newsletters on site as we go, since copies will now be posted there (minus the freebie stuff, of course. It would be stupid to post anything 'free' once the deal had expired!).

I have also decided to link to my amazon page from in each mailing so that you all can go have a look any time you want to. Your free deals and such will be found just under my signature below. Thanks, and as always, if you want to give me any feedback, shoot the breeze, or tell me my php skills are terrible, feel free to shoot me a note! I love hearing from all of you--no joke!

Contact Robin Joy Wirth

Robin Joy Wirth
7210 31st St. Ct. W. #201
University Place, WA 98466

This address is old, not bothering to change it in these old emails so if you're looking for the new one please go grab it from 2021 news...