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Greetings from Robin Joy Wirth

Hey there,

Since I am expected to move out of this apartment on the 31st whether we have found another one or not, I'll give you fair warning that you might not get another newsletter from me for a while, or just one "on the fly" or something...I don't even know. Beach is on the shelf for a bit as well, since I've been so busy packing stuff and hauling it over to storage using my walker that I've barely had time to work! The aching from all the lifting and walking and such certainly doesn't help either.

Anyway, I'm hoping to take some time to try out a few "newsletter" tools I came across, and see if one of them will do what I want...which is, allow me to code an html email the way I want it, send it out and have it work properly either from my desktop or the website itself, and have a way to know how many people clicked on which things so I can get a better idea what you guys want to read about.

Or, you guys could also email me to tell me what you like in my newsletters, or what you'd like to read about???? Lol, if you've got the time and desire, I would LOVE to know!


Contact Robin Joy Wirth

Robin Joy Wirth
7210 31st St. Ct. W. #201
University Place, WA 98466

This address is old, not bothering to change in these old ones so if you're looking for the new one please go into 2021 to grab it...