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Greetings from Robin Joy Wirth


As my list is a little crazy right now, I cannot tell which of the newer subscribers got a welcome email from me, so anybody who downloaded a freebie or otherwise joined my list is getting a special “welcome” link. I had created a letter on my website for the purposes of welcoming the new people, so if you’d like to learn more about me and my writing, etc, you will want to go here:


As stated in that email, the unsubscribe link is at the bottom of the emails, but you won't find them in the archives. I truly hope you will take the time to have a look and give me a chance. Below is the early March news I just sent to everybody, which will be a great help towards sorting everybody out…

Early March News

I wanted to let you know that Undying Fire begins a Kindle Countdown on the 8th which runs through the 15th, and at the same time A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing will have a brief stint at 99 cents until the 12th, but for some weird reason they only let me do it in the UK store instead of USA. Weird, but you should be able to snag it from there if I am not mistaken???

So, this letter is just a little different, in that I'm trying to sort out what you guys would like me to send you, so I've devised a page that will help. I created a little form that allows you to select which types of news you do and do not want sent to you. Hopefully, it will give me a bit of insight since I currently cannot tell what you guys have been clicking on.

I seriously need to figure out a better emailing system that I can actually afford to implement, so it is my intention to try a few things out during March and April. One of the questions on the page is whether you want me to attempt to send you emails using some of the emailing options I've found, some of which might ask for you to opt in when you are added. I hope that some of you will be willing to help me out, since finding a better way to email you could only improve the content you're getting overall!

Just to make this email a bit less boring (if it is...lol) I have also included freebies at the bottom for you! Yay freebies! (Which of course are not included in here...waaaaah! Lol)

Thanks for reading, and letting me know what you would like to be reading...

Contact Robin Joy Wirth

Robin Joy Wirth
7210 31st St. Ct. W. #201
University Place, WA 98466

This address is old, not bothering to change in these old ones so if you're looking for the new one please go into 2021 to grab it...