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Greetings from Robin Joy Wirth

Hey there,

I’ve been a busy lady over the last two weeks, mostly freelancing and doing a bit of artwork, as well as updating some of the website’s code. Thankfully, my wonderful client understood the importance of obtaining new glasses so I could see my work better, so she advanced me a little extra so I could pick up my eyeballs this week instead of three weeks from now! Yay!

I did want to let you all know that I’ve placed A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing as free from 14th thru 18th. I was a bit disappointed by a review I got recently, so I wondered if any of you might feel the urge to vindicate the work. Sure, it’s short, and a bit dark, but I hadn’t thought to make sure that was indicated on the cover until I saw that review post…so thanks, whoever it was that helped me realize my error.

Now…to those who WANT a short, dark, sexy little read, please do go forth and grab—and hopefully review?—the story here: (remember, this offer expired, though the book is still in that location...)



One of the things I was doing over on RedShadow’s Quill was a bit of updating. I got rid of the chat box since nobody was using the thing anyway, and then started doing a Dragons of the Deep makeover, though it isn’t available yet. Keep an eye out for the new link soon. There are also a few new tools for writers or readers who like playing around with them on the way. Again, I have been trying to send only the news that interests you, and this is the general list. This list probably won’t see a whole lot of the news for writers, the ARC team, or the Glory Star news, and may not even get the most exclusive reader news either. For a better experience, I recommend updating your preferences over here:


As always, you can head to the bottom of this email and unsubscribe if desired, though I hope you’ll stick around!

Thanks for Reading…

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