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I know some of you just got writer’s news, but this time I was trying to let everyone know about my sale, so…

I'm over here laughing at how life works. A couple days ago they announced that the dentist would be open to see emergency patients, and not 24 hours later a piece of my tooth broke off and I had to do some weird "tele-visit" to have the dentist "determine if I need to be seen." So, I'm like--dude, my tooth’s off (think Monte Python Black Knight scene inflection, which he thought was hilarious by the way) and so he says, well sure, make an appointment as soon as possible so we can see if this tooth can be salvaged.”

Next I get a call from the dental office I used to go to before we moved trying to make this appointment, but I say, "No, I need to go to the one two blocks away." So they tell me, "Sure, how about 9:30 tomorrow morning?" and when I go in there I get this whole ration of "well, they've scheduled you as a new patient, and we're not seeing any" and I say, "Okay, I've been with this provider since my 30 year old kid was about four-- pretty sure I'm not new. And if you send me out, I will BE new wherever I go instead. Isn't that called a Catch-22?”

So they have some other dentist I've never met take me as a walk-in and she says, "That tooth ultimately needs a crown, but it's not covered. How about we schedule a filling for next Tuesday and hope the tooth doesn't shatter when we start to drill." I told her if it does to just take the thing out and call it good since they've "saved" that tooth like three times now and I'm still not able to cough up $500 to encase the sucker... so, now I'm sitting around with a half a tooth until the 26th and going there with no idea if I'll have the other half on that day when I return home. (update since it takes so long to get these out…they put in a filling but it feels VERY temporary…)

BUT...this is the part that amuses me...at least that tooth waited until I was allowed to go before it started causing more trouble!


For those following the acolyte books, the third in the series is live now as well and I'm working on a fourth at the moment. Only William is on sale from 25th to 31st, but here are the links to all three so you can grab them if you want to...If you do grab them now, your copies will be updated when I fix them in the store so they're all linked together along with book four. Not even sure that will be the last book in that world either, I’ve already got ideas brewing for more, but when Dallen is finished I want to go try to get Beach written and then start another paranormal so Bruin and Beach can have a third book and I could convert it into some sort of a series. (P.S. for those who are curious, that third book is probably going to involve a shifter billionaire who owns a zoo…)


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