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So, I was looking for freebie books to offer up to the general list when I came across this one which completely got me excited to get it, and decided to ask myself "why" and thought, heck if I'm going to do all that, why not share my thoughts in the writer news so you guys could learn from it too...


This is the book's address, though it's probably not on sale anymore. I uploaded the cover image that I have rather than linking to it just to be sure my comments are about the one I'm looking at now...

First, I love the cover because handsome guy from behind looking over his shoulder, the tattoo of the dragon, and not centering him on top the emblem...that works to grab your reader nicely (as do the colors and the fact DRAGON is mentioned so it will also grab the search engine nicely)

Second, it's part of a series which has a 12th book about to launch...this means Mac Flynn will be having me on the hook for a VERY long time because I already know I'm going to get those...

Third, the reason I KNOW I'm getting them is because after noting the upcoming 12th book I read the description and fell in love...in this order

Like that she's an orphan raised by grandparents...makes me want to know what happened to her parents before I ever start in. As soon as I saw "Shifting World" I was ready to start reading just to see what that world would be like, and then in the very next sentence the author told me enough to entice me even more. So now I'm thinking, cool, she is capable of magic and "stumbling" suggests misadventures that will probably amuse. And then, I absolutely LOVE the last sentence...Jane isn't so sure it isn't another member of her family that he's interested in. It gave me the special "damn, this is going to be hot" sort of thrill that's going to sell any book you write in this sort of a series. So now I'm stoked, following this author, and already about to go check how much money is currently in my card.

Way to go, Mac!

Here is the copy I’m talking about, so you don’t need to go look if you don’t want to…

Jane is a normal orphan with unusual grandparents. She doesn't realize how unusual until she returns on holiday from college to discover that her grandmother has been kidnapped. Her grandfather reveals that her kidnappers are a new foe from an old world, and her grandmother's only hope is for them to travel to the other side after her.

The Shifting World, however, isn't as easy as ours. Every monster, witch, demon, and other mystical fable that haunts the fairytale books of our world resides among those lands. Jane finds herself stumbling through one adventure after another as she tries to learn the ropes, and the magic, of the new world in order to save her grandmother, and herself.

Even a place as strange as the Shifting World, however, has its familiar handsome men. One of them is Caius, a dragon shifter with a sly smile and a glint in his eyes. He joins their search for her missing grandmother, but Jane isn't so sure it isn't another member of her family that he's interested in.


For those following the acolyte books I am working on, the third in the series is live now and I'm working on a fourth at the moment. Only William is on sale for 99 cents 25th -31st, but here are the links to all three so you can grab them if you want to...If you do grab them now, your copies will be updated when I fix them in the store so they're all linked together along with book four. Not even sure that will be the last book in that world either, I’ve already got ideas brewing for more, but when Dallen is finished I want to go try to get Beach written and then start another paranormal so Bruin and Beach can have a third book and I could convert it into some sort of a series. (P.S. for those who are curious, that third book is probably going to involve a shifter billionaire who owns a zoo…)


(Oy vey! stupid images just don't want to format for me...maybe fix later...)

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