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First, Happy Thanksgiving to those who celebrate. Hope you all had a great time! This email was screwing up for some of you and I can't tell who so this is a resend...

I've got a couple things in the works for you guys this week. First, a 99 cent sale...you can grab the four acolyte ebook novellas at 99 cents each, and I've also created a little landing page about acolyte so you can go there to click them if you wish... and also find a drawn map of Dominion, the land where Eleanor and William's story begins. It'll also tell you a bit more about the fantasy series, which contains a bit of steam here and there but is mostly concerned with following their adventures.

I've said before that I'm thinking of creating another set in this world, probably another four novellas called 'sorceress' that will continue to follow Eleanor but not in Dominion, however this is just a tentative plan at the moment since I'm trying to finish up some of my other stuff before I make any decisions in that regard. Anyway, you can click this link to go to my little landing page, or link to each book directly in the deals section below if you prefer...

https://www.redshadow67.com/sender/landing/nov25-30aco.html I haven't updated that page, it's no longer there. When I create it, there will be a permanent landing page to the acolyte series and I'll replace this link with one that leads there...

The other thing I'm doing is to put my sci-fi Christmas story into a bookfunnel giveaway, which starts on Nov. 29 and ends Dec 4th. Obviously I don't want to send you another email so soon after this one, so you'll want to keep ahold of this link and go there when it starts for the free copy. However, if you would rather support me just a little, it'll be 99 cents in the Amazon store right around Christmas itself. Of course, that price won't be 99 cents before the holiday, but you can certainly go buy one at the full price if you really want to... I certainly won't complain about it! Lol!

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