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My author friend, Lizzy Bequin, asked me to let my fans know that she has a book up for free on Amazon, but the sale will end on the 27th so if you want it you'll have to click quick! Details at the top of the deals section below...removed...

So, I know it's been a while since I sent any news. I have been trying to update my newsletter database, remove old data and insert new, and all that fun stuff, and I also seemed to have a lot of work handed to me this month...not that I mind at all, but why is it that whenever you have more work, the price of your bills rises up to match???

Lol, I'm racking my brain trying to think of something interesting to tell you, but unless you care that I'm about to make the final payment on my recliner and might go for a television next, or unless you care that I just came across a knitting pattern that looks like frogs and want to put the design on a seafoam green purse, I'm drawing a blank.

Oh yeah, Turtle is mad that an electrical surge broke her heat lamp, but the new one is meant to arrive in three days so we're making due with other methods until then. If any of those things is exciting please feel free to continue the conversation...I'm game.

Anyway, as I said Lizzy's ebook is free, and also I am running a few 99 cent kindle deals, which I sincerely hope you will find exciting even if my daily life isn't...please scroll down to the deals section and enjoy!

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