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I have a special treat for people who are wanting all four Acolyte novellas for one small price...just 99 cents. This opportunity is limited to just the weekend, Feb 12-15, but it's a great chance to enjoy the full story all in one convenient ebook. I hope you will share the link with all your reader friends, and remember that books thrive best when they get readers and reviews! You can find the details in the freebies and deals section below.

Anyway, I've been pulling through all my old files trying to make sure everyone is getting the news they want to have, and not getting stuff they'd rather not. If you want to be sure of it, please do follow the subscription link at the bottom of this email and select your preferences if you have not yet done so. It really is a great help.

I always feel like you guys wouldn't mind if I put more content in here about myself, but with this whole pandemic thing going on and my rather hermitlike behaviors, it doesn't seem like there's a great deal to tell. For the curious, I write most days, watch Netflix and Prime, and go over to play fantasy/superhero type games or Magic, The Gathering with my adult son, or to my fiance's sister's house to play pinochle and monopoly. Also, I spend a whole lot of time singing to my turtle.

Yeah, I guess that about covers it...LOL!

But, since it's fiction you're coming here for, enough about mundania, I'd like to make sure you are all able to find my most up-to-date books, so here is the page on my website that will give you the pertinent links to the amazon book store...

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