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Greetings from Robin Joy Wirth

You are receiving this newsletter because you opted in or received one of my books for free from bookfunnel. Thanks for being here! If you would rather not get these letters, I did place an unsubscribe link at the very bottom, but I encourage you to give me a chance. I'm just learning but I'm very willing to hear your feedback, ideas, or even to simply shoot the breeze. I even put a chat box on my website, https://www.redshadow67.com to make that even easier to do!

Today I'm writing to tell you about a couple really great things I've got going on this week. The first involves my book, Dark Nebula:

You can always find it over here on amazon whenever you wish,


But right now it's part of a wonderful giveaway you can read more about in the Freebie Alert section at the bottom of this newsletter. (Note that this offer will not be added on this copy, since the freebie will have ended).


I finally figured out how to use SSL on the website, so any data concerns you may have had no longer are an issue. To use it, simply be sure to type https instead of http for any page you are visiting.


I've reworked the menu on The Glory Star Project, improved the look of those pages a bit, and put it into a new location on the website. I know that some of you had already signed up to that list, but as you may recall mailchimp was giving me trouble, and I can't be sure of the old data, so even if you did sign up, you may have gotten unsubscribed somehow. If you truly want in, please confirm this by signing up again so I can manually add you into the new list I'm creating. Thanks!

For those of you who have no familiarity with The Glory Star Project, I have decided to share everything I do, from concept to completion, while creating a steamy sci-fi romance novel. You can simply follow along if you wish, but if you would like to interact, give feedback, help to craft, or bounce ideas of your own stories off of me, I have an exclusive list you can opt into for that purpose. The big, obvious button at the top of the pages is your ticket to the "in-crowd".

The page content has not been significantly altered unless there were typos or a lack of clarity or something. You can find the new pages over here:


Remember, even though it's in a regular folder, this content is not tame in nature. If you do not want to encounter mature content at some point, you probably shouldn't start reading this at all. Also, note that the progress on Glory Star does not in any way reflect the usual speed at which I write, but rather is something I'm doing in my spare time. I write freelance fiction to pay the bills, generally about 50-100k words in a month.

Want Glory faster??? Let people know about my books on amazon so I can pay those bills without quite so much hustle, or have time to craft more books under my own name for you as well! The more visibility I get, the more sales. The more sales, the more content I can create for my fans. And believe me, I really do love to make these things for you guys. You make my job worthwhile every day. Thank you!

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