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I have placed materials in this area for people who want a bit less spice than they'd find in the hot zone on this site. Admittedly, I spend more time and effort on steamy and erotic stuff, but here you'll find some scaled down versions of useful tools and other content that eliminates sexy or violent things so you do not have to filter them out for yourself.

I am hand-coding this website and learning as I go along, but I update it constantly as a result. Check back often to see what goodies I've put here, and thanks for stopping by.

Looks like I found somebody who loves randomizers as much as me! If you REALLY wanna play, check this out:


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worldbuilding workbook

Use this low-content book to create characters, settings, internal or external factors that might affect the outcome of your fiction.
Fill the 200 8.5x11in pages with details, or even just doodle in there if you want...
This is your creativity catch-all. Gather up all your story ideas and put them in here. $6.95 plus shipping in the US amazon store.

worldbuilding workbook companion

Written as a companion guide for the Worldbuilding Workbook, you can grab this as an ebook, or better yet purchase the paperbacks together for a more hands-on experience. This companion book is meant to be a sort of instruction manual on how you use your workbook, but also contains suggestions on how to use a three ring binder and create a workbook of your own instead.