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A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing: Wolves Mate for Life

As Wolf lay sprawled on her mattress with the cell phone to his lips, Summer closed her bedroom door and leaned against it, watching him with one brow delicately raised. He clicked off the phone and smirked.

"It's easy to talk of trivial things to someone who only cares for trivial things," he commented when she did not move from her stance.

"Really?" Summer asked, crossing her arms over her chest. She wondered if he was as good at reading other people's thoughts as he was with hers.

"Your article was quite good this week, Summer," he added as he stood and walked over to her. The look on his face was almost predatory in nature.

"Was it?"

"Yes, I quite enjoyed it," he told her, setting one hand to either side of her face as he looked into her with those silver eyes of his. Summer's abdomen flipped more than ever. Wolf didn't move to kiss her, and Summer wished that he would. Her mouth went dry and wet all at the same time, and she couldn't seem to catch her breath.

"Why?" she breathed huskily, and his eyes darkened at the sound. He knew exactly what kind of an effect he was having on her.

"It was most informative, and very well written, as always," he said, inching just a tiny bit closer to her as he spoke. "But all the time as I read it, I couldn't help wanting to taste you again."

"So, you don't think it was too trivial then?" she clarified, swallowing hard as he inched closer until their foreheads were almost touching and his chest crushed against her folded arms.

"Everything that you say is important to me."

Wolf took her hands and used them to move her arms up and around his neck, then leaned in so their bodies melded together. Still, his lips remained maddeningly out of reach as he gazed down at her, and the truth of his words was written plainly on his face.

Summer smirked. "Wolf, what things are really important to you?"

He smiled and bent down to nibble at her lips as he answered. "Life, death, the infinite, the reasons we exist—the reasons that we love—"

He was on her then, hands everywhere as his lips claimed hers. Summer responded to him with a wild abandon unlike anything she'd ever felt before. There was nothing 'sweet' about this kiss. This was hot. So damned hot!

"Wolf!" she gasped as she felt him lift her off her feet. He carried her over to the bed and gently laid her there, then practically ripped open her blouse in his desire to get inside. Summer groaned as she felt the weight of him settle between her still-clothed thighs. The urgency of his need was made apparent as he moved against her. "Oh God, Wolf!"

He was huge! She'd suspected he would be, but if the bit of flesh hidden in his pants was as big as it seemed, she didn't just want it, she needed it. Craved it as she'd never craved before.

"You can touch me, Summer," he encouraged her. "Don't be afraid."

"I'm not afraid," she lied, blushing softly because she could see that he knew better.

"I want to taste you," he told her then. "And I want you to taste me."

Summer blushed even more, hearing that. She knew what he was talking about, and since things were progressing as they were, she knew she needed to admit the truth.

"Wolf, I've never done—well, this—before."

"Summer," he chuckled. "My sweet, sweet Summer. I already know that."

"What? How would you know?"

He inhaled deeply, savoring her scent for a moment before he said, "I can smell it, sweetheart. You are meant only for me."

A protest surged up toward Summer's lips, but at the last moment her heart intervened. Because somehow—she didn't know how—she knew that his words were true. No other man had ever sparked her interest before Wolf. Until she'd met him, she'd never felt such an all-consuming desire for anything, let alone another person.

Wolf saw that she accepted his words, and he leaned down to kiss her again. His tongue slid along her lips possessively, and Summer opened her mouth for him. They got into a battle of sorts, with their lips and tongues warring for mastery. At least until Summer giggled and turned her head away.

"Let me taste you, Summer," Wolf encouraged, his lips running along the shell of her ear as he spoke. Her heart leapt and pounded faster as he blazed a trail of hot kisses down her throat. He used his teeth to move aside one of her bra cups, then looked up into her eyes before he slid his tongue over her sensitive nipple.

Summer gasped, and her fingers slid into his hair as he did it again. Then he took the nipple into his mouth to suckle, giving it playful bites every now and then until he had her squirming in his arms Wolf laughed as he released it and began kissing down her body again.

"Wolf!" Summer sighed as his hands moved down to unbutton her fly, then unzip her jeans in a slow, sensual motion that made her shiver.

"Mmm, Summer, say yes," he pleaded. "I want to hear it."

"Y-yes!" she managed to intone, and she lifted her hips at his promptings so he could tug the jeans down over her hips, then remove them completely, leaving the underwear behind. Summer giggled as he nosed the elastic and cast her a wicked gaze. "Yes, now?" she finally asked, making him chuckle.

"Mmm, if you insist, sweetheart," he practically purred. Using his teeth, Wolf slid the bikini-cut panties down so he could bury his nose against her clit and breathe in her scent. Summer giggled again. Wolf took the panties off her and arranged his body comfortably between her thighs.

"You're actually waiting for me to insist, aren’t you?" she asked, laughing. "Do it already, will you?"

Laughing, Wolf complied. His tongue slid languidly along her folds, seeking the little nub that would rock her world. When he found it, Summer practically shrieked, and she clamped her hands over her mouth. She sure didn't want Mia to hear them. A pang of jealousy swept over her as she remembered that Wolf and Mia had a date, but Wolf's magic tongue soon made her mind wander back to more important things.

Her body felt like it was going to explode from the heat as he continued what he was doing, and soon she couldn't lay still. Her legs curled up around his back and her fingers tugged at his hair, and she couldn't be quiet anymore.

"Honestly, Summer, if you're going to do that must you be so loud about it?" asked Mia through the closed door.

"Sorry," she answered breathlessly. She knew Mia thought she was alone, and she giggled again as she thought about that. Wolf glanced up at her and grinned wickedly, well aware what Mia must be thinking.

Summer smirked, then deftly guided his head back to what he'd been doing. It wasn't much longer before Wolf made her come, and she had to clamp her hands tightly over her mouth to block the sound.

"Mmm, your turn," she whispered once she'd caught her breath again. She flipped them both over and got on top of Wolf, kissing him hungrily. Her naked and sated flesh was situated on top of his hardness, and she could feel it throbbing under her. "Hmm, he seems eager for his bit of fun. Should I tease him the way you teased me?"

"No," Wolf protested, casting her a look that made her wish he was in her mouth already. Summer wasted no time in putting that want into action. Within moments his fly was open, and she'd extracted his member from its hiding place. Now she ran her tongue eagerly over the tip.

"Oh!" gasped Wolf appreciatively. Summer giggled as he covered his own mouth. He opted to keep one hand there just in case as she took part of him into her mouth. With the other hand, he slid his fingers into her hair and showed her the pace he wanted as she began to move. He obviously wasn't wrong about the placement of the hand that remained over his mouth.

Summer chuckled around his flesh, making Wolf laugh along with her between his gasps of ecstasy. She marveled at the fact that he seemed to get bigger than ever as she continued to tease. Wolf's fingers stiffened in her hair as he moaned louder, and she felt the hot, wet cum shoot into her mouth. She didn't have a chance to think before she'd swallowed it, and then laid her face on his belly as she rolled her tongue around curiously, discovering his taste.

Wolf laughed at her for it.

"What?" she asked innocently as she grinned at him.

"Come up here and kiss me," he invited in a husky tone.

Summer got a bit nervous as she moved into his arms. Would he want to do more than this now that they'd begun? She wasn't sure she was ready for that; she hadn't really thought this through.

"You taste good," Wolf told her as he kissed her again. "I knew you would."

"You too," she admitted with a blush.

"Did you wonder?"

"Of course not," she lied.

Wolf chuckled. "Yes, you did. Just like you are wondering about all the rest. Shall I teach you now, or make you wonder a while longer?"

"I—I—don't you have to go get ready for your dinner date or something?"

"I'm already on my date," he mentioned. "When I go with Mia later it will be just dinner and some conversation, not anything I would call a date. She will never have more from me."

"Never?" Summer asked softly.

"Wolves mate for life," he whispered against her lips. "Always."

Summer kissed him back as he rolled them over so she was underneath him, and she could feel him against her thigh. He brought one hand down to position himself, and then pushed into her, breaking through the resistance as she gasped in surprise. It didn't hurt, but she was certain that was because she was so wet already.

They moved together in a hot cadence. Their breaths mingled as they went, and then he reared up a bit so he could go deeper, and deeper, and she was lost in a haze of heat, sweltering in his arms. Wolf pounded into her, and she could no longer hold back her moans. Their voices mingled hotly together as they came, and then they lay there in the tangle Summer had dreamed of before, holding each other close.

"Summer, are you watching a movie in there?" asked Mia as she pounded on the door. "Turn the thing down or something."

"Okay, sorry," Summer called, then kissed Wolf on the top of his head. "Good thing she hasn't opened the door, or you might be out one free dinner."

Wolf stifled a laugh and grabbed a pillow, hitting Summer on the head with it. Giggling like children, the two had a pillow fight before they settled down to cuddle some more.

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